The passion for the sea. Something you can’t study on books.

A challenging year has gone and still it’s hard to see the light on the tunnel.
Seafarers have struggled like never before. For an industry based on hospitality , travelling and emotional experiences last year was definitely the toughest one by far.
We’ve seen skeleton or dismissed crew, on hold rotations, searching for the right and keep changers Covid rules. Although we can now look at this with a little more confidence due to the experience we’ve all gained, but turning our backs around all seemed lethal and epic.
Focusing on personal introspection and debating with the crew, I have found the immense value of sharing my professional knowledge acquired in life. Too often,as Captains, we manage our agenda not considering the importance to spend quality time with our crews, helping to improve their human and professional skills. This means we are missing cultivating the next generations enough, condemning our industry to a sure impoverishment. In the past a great value was applied to direct experience, there were no online courses, nor training centres and most of the time the younger crew were kept aside by older officers.
Sea culture, honesty, passion for our beautiful profession it’s something you can’t find on books though. But leading by example can stimulate people’s willingness to improve and put their best attitude.
It’s definitely a reciprocal growth. I often taking inspiration from the fresh and enthusiastic new generation’s approach on this industry. Too often we don’t totally realise that our crew is the one that spend more time sharing emotions with our Owners or Charter Guest settling a favourable or not Captain reputation.