ITALIAN YACHT MASTERS three words that describes our nationality, our ships and our profession, in other words our deep roots, our passion, our love.
We decided to spell ‘it as one word ,ITALIANYACHTMASTERS , because if we could be the voice of several captains as one , we have done our first big step forward to be properly introduced and accepted by the international yachting community .
For quite a long time we have been adrift, as Italian Master Mariners , we often have excelled in our profession, but only as individuals.
We have always missed the goal of building a strong and efficient spirit of cooperation and mutual support , which is the base of success for any trade and any professional category.
The time has come to put together our passions and our hopes, our skills and professionalism ,to come forward to claim the place we deserve, as ITALIANYACHTMASTERS in the International Yachting Industry .
In order to obtain consideration and respect from the international yachting community, we must aim very high , we need to excel, as members of ITALIANYACHTMASTERS in each and every aspect of our profession.
We are here to set a new standard , for others to follow, and this is not an easy task . It doesn’t come with the talking only but with the contribution of each individual willing to follow a long path of self improvement.
Each one of us , our crew, our ship , our relations will be a constant display of our capacity , achieving more credibility and more opportunities for our Association members and for young italian officers and captains willing to spouse this trade .
With this project borne in mind , we approached the idea of an Association , that could regain our honorability and create a mutual occasion of growth for each one of us.
Only few months have past since last april when during the meeting in the Yacht Club Marina of Loano was appointed the board of director , with the scope of beginning this Association. In spite of the little time we had, due to the summer busy season , we can say that a lot of things are happening and we have found a great interest in our initiative and a good response from the yachting community.
We cruised the docks and the stands during last Monaco yacht show in order to meet all the prominent actors of this trade and introduce Italianyachtmasters.
In the last summer we have seen more and more international agencies , approaching us in order to employ a good italian Master. Three of our candidates achieved a new job.
We do have a lot of hard work to re -establish our reputation as ITALIANYACHTMASTERS, but with the cooperation and the work of each one of you this is possible, it’s not question to hold a membership and to pay a fee but it is question of each member of ITALIANYACHTAMSTERS to be the best captain on the market.
How do we show to be excellent Italian Yacht master?
We are here because we consider ourself high level Italian Captains, with great knowledge and high moral standard.
We are serious and dedicated to our job that we do with passion and through the Association we can compare and share our experience to become excellent in our duties.
How can you prove to have the quality listed?
Being part of this Association, where our faces and names comes first in line, is already a sort of guarantee, no one would do it if not sure of his knowledge, personality and competences. Competence, professionalism and knowledge, come from the hard work experience and the studies that we all did to reach
this level. References can be easily found just looking at our work background, from the relationship with brokers, companies ,
owners, charterer and especially our past and present crew members, which we try to inspire to carry on, the values of the Association.
How do we show that we want to grow up?
The fact that we established this Association, where we can face together the best way of satisfy the industry, comparing our own way to organize and solve problems, using our own spare time to improve our job and learn tips from others candidates, is already a way to show our commitment and interest in growing as Association and as individuals .
At the beginning of this path there were many suggestions and projects , all of them very interesting, regarding cooperation with yards, formation of new captains, lobbing on the international and national organizations like IMO, ILO and MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION.
All this projects are still on the table , for the future of our Association to pursue, but for the time being we decided to approach this broad program step by step beginning from establishing the guidelines and the values that each Italianyachmasters member shall accept and set in place in his professional life.
We decided to bet on a small number of good captains, not on the quantity , being sure that the quality on the long run will pay back. We want this Association to begin to act as a single person, to build a network among members in order to exchange good and bad news, to be able to present Italianyachtmasters as a reliable partner for the entire yachting community .
We like to be part of a larger employment history of italian crew, from Captain to the Able Sea Man , not forgetting Chefs and Stewardesses.
We would like to share our knowledge of the territory , the
cruising ground, the italian taste , the culture and style of life with our charter guests and ship owners in order to boost our trademark ” excellence in yachting”.
We hope to be guide and tutors for new generations of seafarers to discover this profession the same way we did , with the same passion and love .
We like to bring our competence in order to help the yachting community to aim to have a better and safer regulations , but with no detriment for the yachting business.
To many rules and laws have been passed into yachting straight forward from the merchant marine without any consideration for the results.
Once more , I like to make a firm statement , that our mission is not to replace or surrogate the valuable work of the crew placament agencies .
We would like to support them as well as we like their support. We are here , to appraise our qualities to organise our self in order to open our association to any tribute from the yachting community .
We like to work with the flow of the industry, overcoming National identity and finding all the possible sinergy with all esisting seafarers established association, which can share the same values and ethic of ITALIANYACHTMASTERS.
So we are all together here today to try to give some fuel to this new Association with our ideas, proposition and our commitment. Please feel free to speak.
Dario Savino c.l.c.