More often than expected, we are mislead by the morphology of a nice anchorage.We always been there in the past and was fine.
My suggestion is to check all the concerning publication available and up to date.
Some good info can be found on the Guardia Costiera Web site searching trough ‘‘ ordinanze” But is in Italian only!
There are many nice bay , under the Italian Administration , where the pilotage is compulsory.
Taormina bay, Rada di Lipari, The marina of Riposto , the port of Vibo Valentia to name few , for any ship above 500 grt.
Failing to call the pilot on board , it’s a costly violation of the Codice della Navigazione art. 1174 comma 1 , ( form 1032 to 6197 euros fine normally reduced to 2064 eu to pay in 60 days ) .
Shall it happen you have the right to present a Defensive Memory to the concerned Harbor Master .