308 people now want to see this film completed – thank you SO MUCH for believing in this project! Please dont stop, we still have until Thursday to receive pledges and ALL FUNDS will go directly into this film.

The challenge of raising this amount of money in such a short time has been a roller-coaster ride of thrills & spills and we are really encouraged by the support and kind words from people around the globe that have sent us messages.

One particular story from a young lady in Windward, Carriacou moved me so much that I thought I would share it.

Nisha lives a few feet away from where the sloops are built on the beach in Windward. As a young girl growing up she was often awoken by the sound of boat building – the hammering & sawing, the voices shouting instructions – juxtaposed by the soft sound of waves breaking on the shore.

She remembers the old and young men working side by side in the heat of the day and the walks down the beach after they had left, to see the transformation from raw tree trunks, to ribs and eventually a vessel. Even the singing of the choir returning from church on the day Genesis was launched remained with her as she grew up.

Now there is a new sloop in frames on the same piece of sand and when Nisha saw the Vanishing Sail trailer online she saw hope – perhaps more vessels would be built again in Windward and the traditions of her grandfathers could continue.

I received a message from Nisha asking how she could make a donation because she wanted to support the film.

I explained that this film is for her, the people of Windward, Carriacou and the wider Caribbean boat building communities and not to worry, we would somehow make the target. She was very insistent that her donation be included and so made her way over to a friend who entered her pledge online.

I decided to frame that EC$10 note as a compelling reminder of why this film needs to be completed.

Thank you Nisha, for your heartfelt support – it’s what kept us believing through these last few weeks.

The schooner on the note is the “Warspite” of Anguilla and her story also features in the film.