Construction is well underway on the necessary infrastructure in Naples, ahead of the first America’s Cup World Series event in 2012, which begins on April 7.

The main project is the extension of breakwaters in front of the city center which will allow the teams to safely launch and hoist the AC45 catamarans from flat water behind the protective barrier.

The city has embraced the America’s Cup World Series with enthusiasm and is looking forward to April, says the Mayor.

“The America’s Cup World Series is the opportunity that Naples has been waiting for to relaunch its international image,” Mayor Luigi de Magistris said. “The construction sites for the interventions necessary to host the regattas…have started.

“The city is getting ready to host the event in the best possible way. There is much enthusiasm and the desire to participate is palpable. I am sure that this event there is not going to be only a sporting event, but it will also be a flywheel for real development, from tourism to employment. The AC World Series will provide great visibility to the already exceptional setting of the waterfront of via Caracciolo. This event will allows us all to fully enjoy the beauty of the sea, of the beach and of the landscape (of our city)…”  

The America’s Cup World Series Naples features both fleet and match racing, as well as the spectacular AC500 Speed Trials.

April 7 and 8 – Open training

Championship Racing
April 11 – 14:15 – Two fleet races (plus ‘spare’ race)
April 12 – 13:30 – Match racing (flights 1-3); 14:15 – Two fleet races
April 13 – 13:30 – Match racing (flights 4-7); 14:15 – Two fleet races
April 14 – 13:30 – Match racing (semi-finals, final); 14:15 – Two fleet races; Awarding of Match Racing Championship, Naples
April 15 – 13:50 – AC500 Speed Trial; 14:55 – One fleet race (weighted points); Awarding of Fleet Racing Championship, Naples