Di seguito pubblichiamo a mero titolo di esempio uno dei test che sonoi stati oggetto della prova d’esame per i titoli professionali IMO STCW
Test 4

Primo Uff, le di coperta

l” Sessione 2011

taduzione dall’inglese all’italiano 
1, Equipment of lifeboats
The normal equipment of every lìfeboat shall consist of:
A single banked complement of buoyant oars,two spare buoyant oars, and a buoyant steering oar; one set and a half of thole pins or crutches, attached to the lifeboat by lanyard or chain; a boat hook;
Two plugs for each plug hole {plugs are not requrred when proper automatic valves are fitted) atlached to the lìfeboat by lanyards or chain; a baler, and two buckets of approval matenal;
2, –     A rudder attached to the lifeboat and a tiller; Two hatchets. one at each end of the lìfeboat
A lamp wìth oil sufficient far 12 hours; two boxes of suitabte matches in a watertight container;
–     A mast or masts, with galvanized wire stays together with sails (coloured orange);
An efficient compass in binnacle, to be illumination
3. – A lifeline bucketed round the outside of the lifeboat A sea anchor of approval size
Two painters of sufficient length. One shall be secured to the forward end of the lifeboat with strop and toggle so that ìt can be released and the other shall be firmly secured to the stem of the lifeboat and be ready for use;
– A vessel contalning one gallon (or four and half liters) of vegetable, fish or animaI oil. The vessel shall be so constructed that the oil can be easily distributed on the water, and so arranged that it can be attached to the sea anchor
A food ration, determined by the Administratìon, for each person the lifeboat is certificated to carry. These ràtions shall be kept in airtight receptacles which are to be stowed in a watertight container

– Watertight receptacles containing six pints (or three litres) of fresh water for each person the lifeboat is certificate to carry, or watertight receptacles containing four pints (or two litres) of fresh water for each person together with approved de-salting apparatus capable of providing two pints (or one litre) of drinking water per person; a rustproof dipper with lanyard; a rustproof graduated drinking vessel
– four parachute signals of approved type capable of giving a bright red light at a high altitude; sìx hand flares of an approved type giving a bright red light
– Two buoyant smoke signals of an approved type (for daytime use) capable of
giving off a volume of orange-coloured smoke
Approved means to enable persons to cling to the boat should it be upturned, in the form of bilge keels or keel rails, together with grablines secured from gunwale under the keel. Or other approved arrangements
8. – An approved first aid outfit in a watertight case
A waterproof electric torch suitable for signaling in the Morse Code together with one spare set of batteries and one spare bulb in a waterproof container
A day-light-signalling mirror of an approved type
9, – A jack-knife fitted with a tin opener to be kept attached to the boat with a lanyard Two light buoyant heaving lines
A manual pump of an approved type
A suitable locker for stowage of small items of equipment One whìstle or equivalent sound signal
One set of fishing tackle
10. –     One approved cover of a highly visible colour capable of protecting the
occupant.s against injury by exposure and one copy of the illustrated table of lifesaving signals .