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New Cruising Rules.

Italian D.L.  18  –  February 16th  2011, modifies  D.L. 196 year 2005, direttiva 2002/59/CE


A quick note to advise that since February last, Italy enforced the European law mentioned above and, therefore, some rules must now be applied during the cruise in Italy and between European countries, such as, i.e.,  the compulsory advise –  in case the trip is longer than 24 hours – the Captain or the Agent must give to the Authorities based at the port of arrival, together the ID of the vessel (Name, Flag, IMO, MMSI etc.) with the indication oft he ETA and number of total people on board the vessel. The same communication must be done also if the trip is shorter than 24 hours before leaving the previous port or pilotage area.

This rule must be followed by Agents and Captains of vessels over 300GRT and also pleasure vessels over 45:00 MT Loa.

For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is the link (Italia) where you can find the Law reference http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:L:2002:208:0010:0010:IT:PDF


Paris MoU on board inspections .

It sounds that Port State Control visits will be intensified and enforced in year 2011 in all European seas.

“The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control is a system of harmonized inspection procedures designed to target sub-standards ships with the main objective being their eventual elimination”.

Luise Associates, as a registered ship and yacht agent, can fully assist commercial and private vessels crew during the inspection operated by local Italian Authorities whenever the certification it’s not on board and  it has not been released yet. It’s very important and strongly suggested, therefore, to “use” a professional ship agent, especially in Italy, who is able to deal with harbour master offices along the whole coast during the ship’s cruise.

Because a first inspection lasts at least three hours, we will be able to provide support to the Captain in order to assist the crew with the paperwork needed during the authorities visit.

As you may already know the Luise Group is based in all main Italian ports and Marinas with it’s own team of professionals. 


Cash money on board.

A short note to advise that, after France, Italian customs will check about cash money on board. Is therefore seriously suggested to all Captains to get on board the proper paperwork. Declaration must be made prior arrival in the Italian waters.


We remain at your full disposal at anytime for any further information you may need.

We wish you fair winds a calm seas and a very successful summer season 2011!


Francesco Luise

Registered Ship Agent and Lawyer.